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Meet Your Facilitator

Rachel Bryars

Rachel Bryars is a communication consultant and trainer based in Alabama. She holds a M.A. in communication from The Johns Hopkins University, is a senior fellow at a public policy think tank, has taught in multiple universities, and is a widely published contributor in Alabama media. She serves on the Hogan Family YMCA Board and is excited to donate these workshops to help the YMCA make a difference for local families and children.

What do Clients say?

"Thank you for showing us how great it is to connect with each other" - Amber J.

"Fantastic. It made me look at my communication with my fellow co-workers and I recognize areas for improvement." - Jill H.

"Rachel did a tremendous job facilitating. Great at explaining and keeping it positive and fun." - Ron K.

"Awesome communication session. Would love to have this every three months for continuous connection with the subject." - Shailaja M.

"Wonderful workshop, it opened my eyes to flaws in my listening and communication skills. Great for work as well as everyday life!" - Sydney F.

"I came into this meeting expecting to be bored but [Rachel] was VERY engaging and interesting." - Nikki H.

"This was great info received today, had lots of fun!" - Ginger L.

"I absolutely loved the class. I felt very close to everyone by the end and the camaraderie was great. Professionally and personally this was so helpful." -Derry K.

-Rachel is a wonderful facilitator of growth. She is able to listen to each person and ask questions that probe them to think deeper and she shares her vast knowledge and love of learning in a way that is both insightful and encouraging. I gained a better sense of myself, belief in myself, and a stronger purpose to do what I love." -Ricki S.

"This class was an extremely valuable experience and I gained many skills and formed great relationships with everyone. I think of Rachel as a 'master of people skills' in tailoring her style to make people feel valued and understood." -Jessica H.

"This class really hit close to home. Enjoyed it. Great delivery." - Kizzy B.

"Definitely a personal eye-opener!" - Linda H.

"LOTS of great tips, thank you so much." - Ashley H.

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